INNER PEACE AND WISDOM is rooted in ancient wisdom and is built on the foundation of peace. Our philosophy is that peace on this planet can only come from personal inner peace.

It is our pleasure to offer a variety of ways to find the peace that already lies within you. As we grow, we will offer products and services that will take you to another level of spiritual awareness beyond the one where you now reside.


Our Purpose: To facilitate spiritual growth through inner peace to everyone who comes to us.


Art's Bio -


I use my skills as a Minister of Peace, a Spiritual (Peace) Coach, and seminar facilitator, to help you find what you are seeking in your life. I have studied and practiced Spiritual Principles for twenty years and bring those experiences to my  coaching, writing, and seminar creations. Through my work with people over the years, I have found that there are certain aspects of the human psyche that brings stress and a great deal of despair to their lives, and seems common to most people.


My work as a spiritual coach focuses on inner peace, because I have found that in order to resolve any challenge occurring in someone's life, inner peace will resolve it quickly. No matter what your life looks like on the outside, whether it be in relationships, work or creative expression, financial abundance or lack thereof, or health challenges, they can be ultimately resolved by finding your way to the peace that lies within you. My seminars reflect this same theme of inner peace, only it is done through activities that make you aware of what seemed hidden before.


My writing helps bring awareness of these aspects to my readers in a way that promotes transformation to what works in their lives. If, through reading my books and articles, a personís life is touched in a way that allows inner reflection, then I have fulfilled my purpose.


In my first book of fiction, Seven Stones of Wisdom, I brought forth seven spiritual principles that if applied to peopleís everyday lives, would change them forever. By creating a book of fiction, I believe that people can be made aware of spiritual principles in a fun and interesting way. Following characters in a book is a way to see how their lives change through applying what they become aware of in the story.


My second fiction book that is now the 2nd book in the Wisdom Stones Trilogy, was released in October 2011. It continues the story and provides more spiritual principles within the book.


The 3rd and final book of the Trilogy, Illumination Of The Stones, completes the Mission and was released in May 2014. The full set of books completing the Wisdom Stones Trilogy is available at many local bookstores at a special price.


 My non-fiction eBook on inner peace, Inner Peace Revealed, takes you through several aspects of what does not work in people's lives, and offers exercises and activities to take you to a place of inner peace. I am planning a second book that will extend the first.


I live in Asheville , North Carolina amongst the beautiful Smoky and Appalachian mountains with my wife, Dee, our dog, Shelby and cat, Hopi. I love hiking in these beautiful mountains and kayaking in the lakes nearby with a close connection to nature and Mother Earth.